Today is the day.

Today is MY day.

For months I’ve been mentally posting to a blog that I had skillfully designed in my head.  Today it is time to make this dream come true. 🙂

To begin with, I will introduce myself.  My name is Nancy and I am a wife and a mother. What does this entail?  Well, like some of you, I think this partial quote from a letter by Mary which was posted in the Ann Landers column of the Chicago Tribune on July 23, 1989, says it all:

“I am a wife, mother, friend, confidant, personal adviser, lover, referee, peacemaker, housekeeper, laundress, chauffeur, interior decorator, gardener, painter, wallpaperer, dog groomer, veterinarian, manicurist, barber, seamstress, appointment manager, financial planner, bookkeeper, money manager, personal secretary, teacher, disciplinarian, entertainer, psychoanalyst, nurse, diagnostician, public relations expert, dietitian and nutritionist, baker, chef, fashion coordinator and letter writer for both sides of the family.

I am also a travel agent, speech therapist, plumber and automobile maintenance and repair expert.”

It makes me so happy to be all those things!

But actually before all that, I am something more… something even more than all those titles listed above…  I am a follower of Jesus Christ and a child of God, and that makes my heart sing!
And now…  my journey begins…