Friday I went back to work after a month of being off for health reasons.  It had been hard to think about going back.  In fact, I had been “digging in my heels” with my attitude.  So much so that it was affecting our home life (and not in a positive way!).

I enjoy being home… parenting, cleaning, educating, having time to make dinner when I want to, not around someone else’s schedule (aka the business I work for)… and errands…. I like to run errands whenever I want, not when I can squeeze it in between work days… and … and… the list goes on.  Not that being a stay-at-home wife and mother doesn’t have it’s time of stress and schedule problems and a bunch of other things – but hey – this is my rant so I will not be including those right now!  😉

So… as I began calculating how late I could leave and still be on time, I was reminded of a quote I read years ago:


Working part time outside of our home is a season that I am currently in.  There are benefits.  There are times I enjoy it.  There are times I don’t.  With it all, there is no denying how God provided this job for me.  At just the right time.  In just the right way.  So, I am correcting my attitude and will continue to trust God as I travel through this season.
What is that phrase that I hear my friend saying so often?  “This too shall pass…”
Today, it’s passing with an awesome attitude!



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