One of a Few of My Favorite Things ~ Part 3

a few of my favorites

Cooking!   I am a cook.  Reading cookbooks is a hobby… and it’s not as weird of a hobby as I originally thought as I have come in contact with quite a few fellow cookbook readers (Ok, only two others so far, but still).  I challenge you to go through Grandma’s cupboards (or yours) and find an old cookbook – it will have a wealth of information in it!

Lately I have been cooking more with my crock-pot.  I have this wonderfully awesome crock-pot that my husband purchased for me a couple of years ago.  It’s this one:  crockpot

It has a programmable option, as well as a warm, low and high setting.  It came with a meat thermometer and the lid locks in place when I need to travel with it.  My old one (19 years old and still cooking!) only has a low and high setting… so I feel blessed every time I use the new one that is so “loaded”.  🙂  My favorite food to make lately is a beef roast or pork strips.  I hear it’s going to be very chilly this weekend so I plan on crock-pot’ing up some yummy soup.






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