Dr. Mom


Being a wife and mom, there are times when conversations revolve around remedies of some kind…. when my kids were younger, we moms shared what we were doing with diaper rash, ear infections and fevers.  As our kids grew, conversation in the medical health realm became that of a broken bone, a deep bruise or a case of bronchitis.

The reality of my medical experience is only that – it is of MY experience (or my close family’s).  And because of  a past experience, I have found that more often than not, my health conversations lately will involve home remedies, essential oils, nutrients or the like.

It wasn’t too long ago that I followed down the path of consenting to whatever medical recommendation was laid before me.  Fortunately, that following came to an abrupt halt one winter day… after days, weeks and months of investigation into what was wrong with our son.

Because there are so many blogs out there with lots and lots of formal medical information and persuasion to their side of a cause, I will tell you right now that this isn’t one of those.  I just want to share our story in hopes that you too will not follow blindly but instead, investigate and most importantly pray about your medical path.

This is our story.

My son was 10 years old.  He had bad seasonal allergies that would plug his sinuses up so much and for so long that they would become infected.  Sinus infections are no fun.  And he had multiple ones.  His pediatrician recommended two common allergy medications – one to be taken orally each day and one to be sprayed up his nose.  We were very happy to have something help.

After a while, with the allergy medications working so-so, our son began experiencing many problems.  The first and biggest complaint was a belly ache and sleepless nights.  His belly hurt so much that he stopped eating.  We forced him to eat something… anything… and we made an appointment with his doctor.  She did blood work and took x-rays.  All was clear.  She didn’t know what was wrong.  The only medication he was on were the two allergy meds and he had been on it long enough that his body should have been used to so she didn’t think our son’s symptoms were allergy med related.  We were sent home still wondering what was wrong – knowing that SOMETHING WAS WRONG.

Then started the irritation… the anger…  the irrational fear… and the paranoia…

It was scary.  It was scary to have someone you love go through so much turmoil and feel so sick – especially as the mom with no idea how to fix it.

I remember clearly the early morning hours that I laid in bed unable to sleep.  I cried out to God on my son’s behalf….  I remember saying “Jesus, please show me EXACTLY what is wrong”.  And I remember the answer coming to me so clearly from Him:  It’s the allergy medications.

That got me up out of bed immediately and I began researching.  It didn’t take me long before I found a website called http://www.askapatient.com/

This website was exactly what I needed….. I punched in the allergy medications one at a time and began reading from hundreds (thousands?) of people who have used that same exact med.  As I read, I began to see a pattern…. a horrifying pattern of stomach pain, sleeplessness, anger, irritation, irrational fear and paranoia…. all side effects from other children posted on that site by other concerned parents.

My husband and I began the weaning of the medications immediately.  The nose spray we could stop without weaning and his belly pain got better (although was not gone).  Once the medications were out of our son’s body, all of those horrible symptoms were gone!  We were SO thankful!

That experience opened our eyes.  Through this experience, we learned that doctors do not know as much as we think they do.  That doctors are really only as knowledgeable as what they have experienced or what they have read.

So… all this to say… we’ve change the way we do things.   Now, an appointment made with a doctor is what we do last.

Our new first, is prayer.  We ask for guidance from the One who knows our bodies best.

Our next approach is research.  Anyone can research…. it’s super easy to do.  I use GOOGLE.  I type in what I need to know in a lot of different ways and look at lots of results.  I go to the 2nd page of the google results (as well as the 1st – and beyond if needed).   And yes, I have hear all about how researching on the internet produces scary results – but you know what – it doesn’t have to.  I look for consistencies in answers from more than one source.  I keep a health board on my pinterest to track sites and I keep a health notebook to record my notes.

But even before we get to the point of needing research – even before we are sick, we have been working on our health and improving our immune systems.

We are eating vegetables and fruit that are new to us – we are branching out to take in a wide spectrum of bounty that gives us a wide variety of nutrients.

We are also using essential oils.  My friend introduced me to them a year ago.  She is involved in the multi-leveling company that sells oils…. I am not a fan of those companies so I did my own research and came across this post that pointed me to these oils .

When I need minerals or vitamins, I use this site to purchase from – if you follow my link, you can receive $10 off (and I will receive that as well).  I love their brand but they also carry other brands too.

Oh, I should add that we are now using local, raw honey for my sons allergies.  A teaspoon a day.  If there is a bad day, I mix some cinnamon with the honey.  It’s amazing how well it works!  And the best part is there are no side effects!

Most of all, what I want you to get out of this post is this:  Don’t forget to pray!  Make informed health decisions.  Research.  It is worth it!


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