Not just sitting around.  Not bored.  Not being lazy. But refreshing… quiet… Settling in next to God and waiting for Him to speak or lead…and while waiting, just soaking in His love and basking in who He is. Picture a cozy living room with fire in the fireplace, just watching the flames dance.  A place […]


If you have ever been to a team building event, mostly likely, you were asked to participate in a trust fall… when you stand backwards, usually up a bit higher than the rest of your team, and you are supposed to fall backwards into your teammates arms – trusting that they will catch you before […]

A Life Lesson…

Recently I was thinking about my mom and something that I learned from her later in life… I can’t remember the exact words surrounding this life lesson, but do remember that it came up in conversation about “high maintenance people” and the statement she said to me that forever made an impact on my life […]