Family Approved ~ Lazy Lasagna

Lazy Lasagna has been around for YEARS!  I can’t remember where I came across this recipe – my guess is, I discovered it on the internet.  Where?  I have no idea!  If anyone knows the origin, please comment below!  🙂 This is the EASIEST homemade lasagna recipe that I go back to time and time […]

It’s a Graduation Party!

With the graduation ceremony past (you can read about it here), we turned our concentration to the graduation party! What an exciting time for our family!  Our first child and only daughter was now a high school graduate.  It is something to celebrate and we decided to so with our family and friends, inviting them […]

Hot Vanilla Cream Drink

Do you love warm, yummy drinks I like do?  There is not a better way to greet a chilly morning than with a warm cup of yumminess!  (which I guess yumminess isn’t a word – but it definitely should be!)  🙂 My family found one of those yummy drinks on pinterest – I can’t find […]