Things About Me

1. I grew up on a small dairy farm.
2. Growing a garden is “in my blood” but not a current reality.
3. Some day I will learn to crochet.
4. I love reading my Bible and spending time with God.
5. Prayer is an important part of my life.
6. I love to cook.
7. Camping is something I know I can do if I ever have to do it.
8. A dog is a woman’s best friend.
9. I would rather clean a toilet than dust my house.
10. Chocolate is a good friend.
11. I have loved to read since being a little girl.
12. Our children are educated at home.
13. I absolutely love my Chrysler Pacifica.
14. Music has a special place in my heart.
15. I am much better with a calculator than a paint brush.
16. One of my favorite pastimes is hiking our local trails.
17. I love my husband and kids very much.
18. Spring is my favorite season.
19. Veggie Tales is for all ages. (gotta love the silly songs)
20. French vanilla creamer in my coffee tastes so good.
21. Cookbooks are fun to read.
22. I think Pinterest is a great way to spend time on a computer.
23. Friendship is something very special.
24. Although my to-do list is never ending, there is more to life than a list.
25. It’s fun to get snail mail.


2 thoughts on “Things About Me

  1. I love to read cook books too!! Truly 😍. And one day, I’d love to teach you to crochet and you can show me how to have a really good veggie garden 😃👍…..incidently, I’m watching a Veggie Tales as I write this, LOL!! 😂😂 xx


    • Wow Lil! We seem to have a lot in common! 🙂 I am currently reading a cookbook from 1942 – it’s more like an encyclopedia. Very neat to read. Looking forward to crocheting and gardening with you! 🙂


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